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Jennifer Reed

PEACOCK! I would put this print in my living room or family room.

Gary Reed

this would look great in my bathroom

Kelly Chuechunklin

Peacocks are so beautiful. I love this print.


My downstairs hallway needs this!

Roxann Dzur

My Bedroom

Sandra McCollum

This would look great in my bedroom. I love the colors in the peacock. Peacocks are the royalty of all birds.

Lyndsey Friar

The colors make me so happy, it would look great in my bedroom.

Dazirae Reynhart

I would gift it to my best friend in the world, she has been through a lot and her favorite animal is a peacock, they always cheer her up to matter what is happening. This would make her so happy and look beautiful once she gets an apartment. <3

Skyla benham

I would put it in my daughters bedroom. We have a love for birds of all types. I call her my beautiful peacock.

Lola Bird

The peacock has special spiritual meaning to me, so I would absolutely put this in my office where it would center me everyday to do great work!


I think this would look great in my living room!


I have a spot near my front hall!


OH MY GOSH I have loved your work for so long!! :) If I won this print I would be ecstatic and find a space to hang it in our family room - it would match the wall color perfectly and really bring life to the space.


In my studio

Tricia E.

This would be perfect in my bathroom. Plus Friday is my B-day!!!


This is one of my favorite works by you and it would look fantastic in our master bedroom or on our "art" wall.

Brittany Carollo

I would put it in my entryway! So pretty!

Karen Miller

I would hang it in my foyer with my other Mai Autumn prints (a different peacock and a hummingbird!)

Janine MacDonnell

Would look great adding a punch of colour to my bathroom! Something nice to look at! haha.

Leslie Valsamakis

Love it!! I would hang it right as you come into my family room beside my peacock feather wreath. :)

Trang Le

Love peacocks! They're on my wedding invitations. I would hang this in my office by ny desk b


I can picture this peacock watercolor, the first thing I'd see coming in, hanging in the living room.


In my office. It would look beautiful against the wall color

Charli Lame

I would hang this in my guest bedroom. It's beautiful.

Sydney S

I would hang this in our daughters room - her nursery colors are yellow, aqua, and gray. This would be an amazing addition to her room!

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