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Lisa Golightly

yes, i have some of those same influences! i love seeing what an artists' inspirations/influences are. I love rothko, and my dad's work is very similar to that, then my parents collected folk art, so I'm sure I have that in there somewhere, as well.


blimey oh reilly, good luck with that!! I really find it hard to incorporate new concepts/styles into my work too. I want ti to be recognisably mine, but want to spread my wings a bit and get away from black and white.... let me know how you get on!!

mai autumn

thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing, lisa! i love your work - it amazes me what you come up with all the time!

and thanks, sue! :) i've been struggling with combining all my loves into one cohesive style for a few years now. i doubt that any artists find it easy to do until they've got plenty of practice under their belts. i'm finding it helpful to just identify what i'm interested in for now, and it's been resulting in some pretty decent discoveries these days while i'm at it! :)

The Art of Michelle

oh i do love holli's illustrations! especially her alphabet poster. SO cute

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