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What a lovely roundup of adorable minis! I love them too!


What a cute collection! Thanks so much for including my teapot/teacup necklaces!

She's Crafty Handmade

Pei Li

Oooh, what a delight to find myself featured on your blog! I'm so happy to know you love my work. :) You make my day!

Pei Li
Dollhouse Miniatures by Pei Li

kathi roussel

the sweetest selections-- i love miniatures-- they draw one in with such intimate charm-- thanks so much for including 5gardenias little tea trinket box in the mix!


the breadbox kills me! lovely collection and I really like the teapot/teacup necklaces...nice!

Celeste Munoz

I inherited a bunch of miniatures from my Grandmother and she used an old typesetters box - the kind they used to separate the letters. I just hang it on my wall. All the little niches are perfect for what you want and I think you can find some new replica boxes at your local craft store.


Maybe you could assemble some kind of whimsical miniature chess set with them. I really love the tiny mushrooms.

mai autumn

Thanks so much for your comments, everyone! :) :)

Celeste, that is just too perfect! Thank you for sharing!

Christiana, I could just pictue it with those mushrooms! That would be so adorable! Like a little woodland chess set! :)

Amanda Piver

I think you need an ornate "grown up" doll house to place all your miniatures:) this list made me smile as always.

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